Libraries (LIBR)


LIBR 2000 (3) Introduction to Information Literacy

This course will introduce information practices and the integrated literacies for discovering information, exploring how information is produced, and for participating in collaborative creation of new knowledge. Topics include an introduction to the research process, information ethics, and critical analysis of sources. The course will prepare students for both university level research and information practices after graduation.

Requisites: Restricted to students with 0-56 credits (Freshmen or Sophomore) only.

LIBR 3010 (3) Information Landscapes and Literacies

Through sustained inquiry into information literacy topics, students will examine the ways that our critical understanding of the world are shaped by information. Students will explore information practices and cultivate the capacity to draw meaning from and to contribute to information landscapes. Emphasizes information literacy, critical thinking, and research.

LIBR 3030 (1) Civic Engagement in a Changing Information Landscape

With a 24 hour news cycle, political use of social media, and the growth of disinformation, being an informed citizen has become increasingly more important and difficult. With a practical approach on participation in government, students will research and discuss the United States political system, examine the current political climate, what it means to be a good digital citizen, and engage in opposing views.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

LIBR 3900 (1-3) Independent Library Research

In-depth library research project for upper-division students. Instructor consent required.

LIBR 4029 (1) Art History Research Methods

In this class we will investigate how art scholarship is formed and organized; learn to expertly navigate the vast array of art research resources; and explore advanced techniques for searching both online and offline sources of art information. We will work to develop a critical understanding of our own research processes and reflect on the tools and techniques that lead to both expert research and successful participation in art discourse.

Equivalent - Duplicate Degree Credit Not Granted: ARTH 4029 and ARTH 5029
Additional Information: Arts Sci Gen Ed: Distribution-Arts Humanities

LIBR 4900 (1-3) Independent Library Research

In-depth library research project for upper-division students. Instructor consent required.

LIBR 5580 (1) Research Methods and Skills

This seven-week introductory course is designed to refine research methods and skills and to critically examine different types of materials (print, music recording, electronic resources). In the age of ¿fake news,¿ you will consider an array of information sources that will help you reflect on the research process while enhancing critical thinking and evaluative research skills. Reading knowledge of the Spanish language is desired.

Equivalent - Duplicate Degree Credit Not Granted: SPAN 5580
Grading Basis: Letter Grade